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Skrivet av Daniela Krooks 13.09.2022 | 1 Kommentarer





  • Chris Lovmark 13/09/2022 11:55pm (3 månader sen)

    I don't know really what to say but to live and be and do all of that to just look lean and clean and healthy and some would say that why ? Sure looks like it is a lot of work for nothing meaning that ok, someday we all are going to get old and then what ? Just look at Arnold now. Ok, he got fame and also lot's of money more an what a person really needs so again, what's the meaning of life ? Her parents live there in that small boring city Vasa and they have a life and they raised this women there and then she moved to the US ok, all of that is ok I did it to back then maybe this women was playing in the sandbox if she even was born but so again ok, life is ok trying to find passion but going this far like this women goes I don't know is it really worth it ? Ok, some said that we are all different. Lycka till i livet men det later och ser nog jobbigt ut.

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